Play Play Play!! Whatever you are doing right now, step outside and play! It’s so fun out there. Why are we stuck inside? It’s like a prison in here, no light, no fresh air, no fun. Outside is where it’s happening and playing is what is happening.

Do you actually think the point of being alive is to be inside an office??!! Like as if!

I just started playing the drums last year, at the age of 44 and I totally feel like a rock star. (Have you noticed the operative word there being, “playing”.) It’s by default:  Picking up an instrument automatically takes you into playing mode. PLAYING drums, PLAYING guitar etc…

Same thing with playing sports. You are PLAYING!!

Playing with the kids.

Playing in the a kid.

Playfulness, Silliness, Laughing and Loving!

Drawing, colouring, painting, building, singing, sewing, biking, splashing in puddles, cannon balls into the pool, whatever your fancy, the sillier the better. Just Play!