All we hear about is, “this world is changing and there’s so much bad”, “we’re in a new world now”, “things are different now” and along with that comes, “I have no idea what to do.” or “Why isn’t anything working for me anymore?” or “It’s too much!”, “it’s overwhelming’, “I feel lost!”.  There just seems to be so much darkness; fear. It’s warranted fear and it’s ok. You are not alone.

That is the reality we are living in now. All of those things are happening and it’s real for everyone.  “How the ‘bleep’ are we supposed to navigate our way through it. Who do we ask?”  Nobody seems to know. We are all at a loss.

There are some answers. It’s not bleak. As dark as things may seem right now, the good news is ‘where there is darkness there is also light‘. It’s a truth of nature.  You just have to know where to look.

“I want the light. How do I look for it? Where do I find it? What do I do?”

Start with small wins. Let yourself find moments of peace, ease and joy. (FYI: That’s my personal definition of what this new world should and will look like. Hang in there. It’s coming!)  Even just little moments of ease, little moments of peace, little moments of joy; one piece at a time. It’s like building a foundation. It starts with the small, yet very essential building blocks. Eventually, the moments will happen more often, for longer periods of time and before you know it, light will be the new normal. is possible.

And how to do that? Start with this simple trick and discover how you can convert a dark moment to a light one.  It might even make you smile. 😀 That is the point!

Start simple:

  1.  Find the light!  Go to it. Walk toward it. Sit in it. Watch it.  Whichever version is available to you, do.
  2.  Breathe!  Slow down, pay attention to whatever is in front of you. Detach and just do the most normal human thing…breathe!
  3.  Water!  Drink water.  Look at water. Immerse in water.

You will be blown away by how it changes things. It really does. It can’t not it; it’s how nature works.

Did you happen to notice that these are the same three things needed for plants to grow?   In fact, it is what all living things need.

Think of the world as a garden and you are the plant.  Now think of your world as the garden.  What conditions would you ensure for your garden? We all know…sun/light, water and air. We are not any different.

So…when you feel overwhelmed, confused, stressed, lost, hopeless, try these three simple little steps.

Find the light and go to it: Keep it simple. It could be a nicely lit part of the room, the warm (or cold, it doesn’t matter) sun on your face, a person who exudes sunshine or even an illuminated light bulb if you have to. (I use this one all the time.  Sometimes it’s just not sunny outside and I am alone! :). It doesn’t matter. It all works.

Breathe: Again, simple. Remember to breathe. We all hold our breaths when we are stressed without even realizing it. Thinking the thought of breathing will even get you to breathe. Take in the air!

Water: The simplest is the most powerful; drink water. Wherever you are, if you are stressed, go get a drink of water. You will feel better.  For extra, awesome indulgence and highly recommended for sure, is immersing in it when you can.  And of course, a beautiful view is always healing magic.

Ta-da!! It’s that simple.    Start this, tell me about it and stay tuned for more to come.

Sunshine and hugs to you!