I say I want this (money, global and grand career goals) yet when I look at my actions they are inconsistent with that. That direction I go to instead; to being home with my kids, nurturing relationships, helping others, is clearly what I want and where I want to be. Travelling 5 hours to meet a man I may love rather than working on my new business. Chossing to make homemade food for my dog and do training with him rather than other obligations. All matters of the heart. Maybe it’s what I NEED. Maybe it’s what others need too. Maybe we all need the same thing. Maybe what we need is really more important than what we want. Maybe we want it because it is what we need.

There’s a theme – all these things take care of my heart.  They are clearly more important to me than money. Our choices don’t lie.  Ironically though…my words always say I want the career because I really do want that. I believe I want that.  I really do aspire to these other things. Maybe these aspirations, these programs were downloaded into me at a prior time in my life at which point they become my truth…my belief. Or at least the operating manual for my thoughts.  But when I am in the real moment, beyond the manual and the program, I go with what feels right. I  choose the other way. The heart way.

Time for me to align my words and my desires/true needs.

I am here saying it now.  My need and my desire is to love and be loved unconditionally.