Exactly three weeks ago, May 11, 2016, I flew to LA to be involved in a transplant surgery. I was going to donate my left kidney to a beautiful woman named Randy. I worked for her and her family 21 years ago as their nanny. It never felt like a decision for me. I just knew! I knew immediately this was something I could and needed to do. I knew Randy needed this,  I knew her children needed this and I knew her husband needed this. But what I didn’t know was how many other people needed this; people I know and even more people I don’t know, locally and across the globe.

What I also didn’t know was how one act can truly soften the hearts of thousands, possibly millions! Softening: a profound thing to witness. It is unbelievable to see what happens to people’s hearts when they learn of this story. Grown men have cried in front me. Private, reserved strangers have stopped me on the streets to hug me and look into my eyes. Eavesdroppers have begged me to please continue with my story so they can learn more. They needed to know and hear what was happening. People from across the world have written to me in words that ooze tenderness, vulnerability, and love; Real Love! People I have never met have sent me food and strangers (yet, truly sisters) have sent me & Randy Reiki treatments before, during and after the surgery. People want to help and they want to know this stuff is real; that good things really do happen.

More softening.

I can feel it every day, growing, spreading. It’s as though our hearts are hungry to feel again, to give again, to share again, to love again: To be a part of something bigger than us yet part of us. We are a community of people. No matter where we live, near or far, we are part of the same whole. And we are in this together!

So when people hear of this story, they are moved, they are awakened and maybe they are changed.

This is the most unique, magical and powerful experience of my life. I can feel the world changing around me. And as it turns out, love really is what is making it all happen.

I started this journey deciding to be private, modest and humbled, telling only a few people, not wanting to draw attention to myself. I didn’t need approval or a good pat on the back. So I thought being quiet about it was the way to go. Well, I was wrong. I have learned that this isn’t about me (as it never is!) Maybe I wanted to be quiet about it but the world needs me not to be. They want and they need to hear this story.
They want to remember and reconnect with the feelings that come from gestures of true love for each other. They want their hearts opened, even if it brings tears; maybe because it brings tears. Like listening to sad love songs with a broken heart: It soothes us somehow, letting our hearts break open and heal, at the same time, as the light shines in.

We have been disconnected from each other for a very long time; far too long. Long gone are the days of communal living and tribes, where groups of people come together to take care of each other, making sure everyone in the tribe gets what they need, using each of the skills, resources, and offerings available in the collective.

The tribes have been dismantled and what we have been left with essentially is each of us living alone (maybe with an extra person or two but not much more than that). Each of us trying to do it all ourselves. Is that working for us? Absolutely not! The tribe is gone. We are trying to do it alone but we can’t. Even if we think we can. How many people do you know who seem like they have everything yet they are miserable? I see it every day and it is more prominent than ever.

We have disconnected from our souls.
No amount money can fix this. No “thing” can ease the pain. It has become 100% clear to me that acts of love, community-based love where we are taking care of each other and making sure each of us has what we need, is the only way to replenish our souls.
And when that happens, we reconnect with who we really are, individually and as a whole.
Then the only thing left to do is celebrate life. THAT is the point of being here on earth; a celebration of life through loving.

I can go on and on about this but for right now I will finish with one important note. As I have said, we can’t do any of the good stuff on our own. Even donating a kidney wasn’t just about me saying yes. I needed others to make this happen. I could never have made two trips to LA for massive amounts of tests, lab work etc, and then, of course going away for two weeks for the final surgery if it wasn’t for the help of many, many people who supported me and made sure I had all the care I needed. Thank you to all of you who helped with childcare, pet-care, house-care, work-care, healthcare, hair -care (hehe!) and overflowing love-care from my children, my close friends and family. A special thank you to my extraordinary partner. He ensured I was cared for and loved at times when I never knew I would need it as much as I did. (And let me tell you, I did!) You are a rock star Johnnie!

Hopefully, I have planted a seed in the hearts of some of you and inspired hope in others.

I love life! Maybe you do too.

Sending buckets of sunshine and love to all of you everywhere!!