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Powerful Sharing: It Doesn't have to be a Kidney

Sue Volpe's TEDx TALK October 5, 2017

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“Sue is one of the most inspiring women I know. She creates her life and lives it fully.  I find her to be very resourceful and a great support, as she listens with an open heart, and yet she can be very direct with loving kindness when needed. Not to mention all the amazing risks and adventures she has taken and how creative she is.”

Denise Noyer-Erez

L.Ac., Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine

“Sue taught me to appreciate stillness, find balance in class and in my life, and most importantly how strong my mind and body truly is”

Carly Dale

Dental Hygienist, Harbour Dental Hygiene

“Talk about Red Bull! Who needs one when you have Sue Volpe in your life?! I was ready to throw in the towel but with that contagious radiant energy and inspiration to support me I not only surpassed my personal and professional goals but I also became an inspiration to my son. Sue’s energy gives you wings!!

Mila Garcia

Registered Massage Therapist, Spain

“Sue Volpe is one-of-a-kind – intelligent, savvy, driven, conscious and kind.  Her views on life and business are truly inspiring. Time with Sue is always time well spent. .. passionate, playful, intelligent, inspiring, wise. Among human beings, she is an outstanding and unique individual with a huge heart and a clear vision of what is possible for all of us.  I have met few people in my life who I would consider to be a true Master in their own right – whether in life, love or business – and Sue definitely qualifies, on all three of those.  We are all in need of her many gifts and talents!  Both personally and professionally, I have found myself continuously blessed by her presence.”

Heidi Light

Creator, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Canada